“Watch what you say” and the”whys and why nots”

explaining to children the why and why nots…

Conversation with my children years ago ..my eldest daughter told me about an incident where her friend lied to her mother and the mother knew she was lying. How did she know my daughter asked , to which I replied , ” When you become a mom, God gives you special gifts, one of them is knowing when someone doesn’t tell the truth.” Thinking that was the end of the conversation, she asked again ,but how do you know? Then I remembered what my Aunt had said to me many years ago when I was a young girl, so I repeated it to my daughter.. Well, I explained when a child tells a lie there is a black spot that appears in the middle of the forehead, she accepted this explanation …hence ..end of conversation…my youngest daughter was doing a puzzle, and did not appear interested.

Several weeks went by, we were getting ready for Christmas dinner at our house. Everyone showed up loaded with gifts and special dishes, desserts etc. My Aunt Dot makes delicious pecan pie and of course she brought one with her. .my husbands weakness is “pecan pie”.After dinner my Aunt went to get the pie and to her dismay the center was missing..” Who ate the filling out of the pie ?’ she asked , all the children said not me ..not me said my eldest daughter. .NOT ME …said my youngest daughter and promptly slapped her hand over her forehead…. needless to say we all knew the truth…Today my daughters are sharing this same story with their children…

Whys and Why nots….

My husband has never refused the responsibility of the title disciplinarian. When our daughter was 5 years old, she was guilty of breaking a house rule , don’t remember what it was but Daddy stepped up to the plate to give his speech on the ”why and the why nots”.  I knew he  was in trouble from the start , it was as though he was speaking to a high school class. Now Dad was a tall man and  had always insisted that the children look at him when he had these talks, and this was no exception. To my amazement her eyes were glued on him and I could tell he in his glory, he loved power. Anyway his speech went on for 12 minutes,finally he asked ” Now what did you learn from this ? do you have anything to say?” She looked at him and said….”Daddy did you know when you talk, your nostrils open up wide and the hairs in your nose wiggle ? I fell to the floor with silent laughter..he left the room speechless…


2 Responses to “Watch what you say” and the”whys and why nots”

  1. Skye Berger says:

    What a funny story..you are right about watching what we say around the children, let alone what we say to them..I remember when my Mother told my siblings and I she had eyes in the back of her head , we all offered to brush her hair. We believed it for a few years.Keep up the writings, I will be telling my friends about your site..
    Thanks for sharing .. working mother, also a “weed”….Skye Berger

  2. Quite good. I enjoyed it ..bet you still smile at that one..Phill

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