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If you are ” Apparent ” ( a parent get it ?)this is the site category for you…
Surviving parenthood/life/marriage/relationships/family/society/pets and extreme weight gain/wrinkles..any significant change of which you have lost control..this site could just possibly be the solution… thru trial and error….

What’s your feeling on churches of today ?

I am not a fan of churches, as many even though the same religion, the approach is different…and pick up a newspaper/TV ,the credibility of some church leaders is appalling. I feel if parents should teach children by example and … Continue reading

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Fears, years and tears….

Seniors, and physically handicapped people being taken advantage of through fear and intimidation…by some public officials in government.. Threats to cut subsidized healthcare…nursing homes, access to medical supplies , etc…promoting public protests ( many by FAKE participants who are paid … Continue reading

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OMG…The system is failing us…

OMG…here it is 2017 and I have been out of commission due to health issues..of which most of the medical professionals ( Dr.’s) just keep prescribing pharmaceutical meds, which just cause more problems due to adverse side effects, leading to … Continue reading

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my published book info on Check out my published book..either paper back or e-book…guaranteed to put at least ONE smile on your face… OR I will personally clean your house….

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Choices and Decisions with Consequences What determines the choices and decisions we make in life ? Are we prepared to handle the consequences , if so how ?

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Thought for another New Year…

Here’s to 2014…I will take better care of myself…. physically,mentally, emotionally and in all aspects of who I am, I am tired of co-dependency and taking crumbs that are left after everyone else is done, I refuse to allow anyone … Continue reading

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Opting for the Naught Check out my latest poems on Opting for the Naught..inspirational Crossing the Line…humorous Missing the You I Knew…Missing you put in the title of the poem in search box.. look forward to hearing comments…

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