About the Author/Writer/owner of this site…

Retired Practitioner , living  in Florida…being “Nann” to my awesome grandchildren , researching Natural Alternative Medical Health treatments, regarding disorders/diseases and healthier lifestyle.

Writing and publishing Medical articles ,short stories , poems and quotes , about life experiences with family,friends,significant others, spouse, society , dealing with ALL the ” QUIRKS ” in Life… Questioning my choices and decisions on everything…oh yeah and trying to keep up with technology…whew..is 9 am to early for “Happy Hour?”

You can click here to read excerpts..www.scribd.com/doc/70351168/Whatever-I-m-Still-Here

New Book in the ” bathroom break” series

just published:”Whatever..I’m Still Here”..available @




www.chapters.com ( international )

hope you will read and comments are appreciated….


2 Responses to About the Author/Writer/owner of this site…

  1. Anne says:

    Hi KJ. Got round to having a look at last. Think I may join this site next time my hubs get idled.
    Hope you have had a great day. bac2basics Anne 🙂

    • kjforce says:

      Good heavens Annie, sorry for the delay in responding..had a few issues brewing with cyberspace..look forward to having you join my website..thank you so much and have a great day..

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