What’s your feeling on churches of today ?

I am not a fan of churches, as many even though the same religion, the approach is different…and pick up a newspaper/TV ,the credibility of some church leaders is appalling.
I feel if parents should teach children by example and prepare them for the real world, teaching them ” Empathy and Apathy ” and taking responsibility for their own words and actions would be a start. Look at all the countries as far back as the bible, killing under the name of ” God “. Religion per say has no bearing on a child growing up to be kind, honest, lovable, moral, respectful and choosing the right path, it is their environment, home life and the right tools of parenting that counts… Parents who choose their own friends that have similar lifestyles, interests, educational backgrounds also is a big factor. Your children will imitate and immolate your actions as they observe your interaction with life… Children will follow suit when they choose their own friends later in life.
Being and taking interest in your child, as to what they have to say, spending quality time, note I said Quality NOT Quantity…

About kjforce aka Dr.Karma Getzyah

Retired Practitioner presently doing Medical Research on Alternative.. .Holistic... Natural approach/ to a better healthier lifestyle ,,,publishing the findings ... Published Books of Poetry and short stories dealing with the "Quirks" in life...Original Quotes to live by...and get you through anything !!! Living in Florida and being Nann to my awesome Grandchildren. Trying to keep up with new technology and laughing at life.. Published Author/writer of... 2 books.... # 1 " My Life as a WEED " and #2 " Whatever ..I'm Still Here"... available @ Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com both as a hardcover and e-book , also Poetry Coffee Table Book " Stars in our Hearts " available @ amazon.com...memories sold internationally and 15,000 sites world wide.... 5 * rating.. website .kjforce.wordpress.com
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