Fears, years and tears….

Seniors, and physically handicapped people being taken advantage of through fear and intimidation…by some public officials in government.. Threats to cut subsidized healthcare…nursing homes, access to medical supplies , etc…promoting public protests ( many by FAKE participants who are paid ) HOWEVER.. the REAL victims are duped into believing ALL is TRUTH…and unknowingly taken advantage of…DISGUSTING LIARS…so who to trust ?
One day the TRUTH will be told…till then FEAR becomes their LIFESTYLE…
What are your thought ??? comments appreciated….

About kjforce aka Dr.Karma Getzyah

Retired Practitioner presently doing Medical Research on Alternative.. .Holistic... Natural approach/ to a better healthier lifestyle ,,,publishing the findings ... Published Books of Poetry and short stories dealing with the "Quirks" in life...Original Quotes to live by...and get you through anything !!! Living in Florida and being Nann to my awesome Grandchildren. Trying to keep up with new technology and laughing at life.. Published Author/writer of... 2 books.... # 1 " My Life as a WEED " and #2 " Whatever ..I'm Still Here"... available @ Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com both as a hardcover and e-book , also Poetry Coffee Table Book " Stars in our Hearts " available @ amazon.com...memories sold internationally and 15,000 sites world wide.... 5 * rating.. website .kjforce.wordpress.com
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