Natural options for skin care….

One very inexpensive and user friendly skin application which gently exfoliates is Apple Vinegar, applied with a washcloth and then apply coconut oil ( which you can buy in the Hispanic cooking aisle of grocery store ) can be used on feet however, wear socks to prevent slipping. The Vinegar can be used all over the body ( smell will dissipate)…. helps the discomfort from sunburn, also use as bug repellent and  safe for use  on children, I have used this for years…

Another great face/ body treatment is Kosher Sea Salt mixed with coconut oil…YES ( cooking grocery aisle) gentle to the face and all over body scrub. Your face and body will glow, due to increased circulation.

Best exfolliant and NOT expensive…the coconut oil is also great for your hair.

Look forward to comments on your experiences with my hints & tips…..

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Retired Practitioner presently doing Medical Research on Alternative.. .Holistic... Natural approach/ to a better healthier lifestyle ,,,publishing the findings ... Published Books of Poetry and short stories dealing with the "Quirks" in life...Original Quotes to live by...and get you through anything !!! Living in Florida and being Nann to my awesome Grandchildren. Trying to keep up with new technology and laughing at life.. Published Author/writer of... 2 books.... # 1 " My Life as a WEED " and #2 " Whatever ..I'm Still Here"... available @ Barnes and Noble, both as a hardcover and e-book , also Poetry Coffee Table Book " Stars in our Hearts " available @ sold internationally and 15,000 sites world wide.... 5 * rating.. website
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2 Responses to Natural options for skin care….

  1. Dee Hoy says:

    You certainly love your art, it is also so good to read that someone is using the kitchen and garden for the right reason.
    I run a charity garden club we have some tips you may be interested in. D

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