Just one of those days ?

Now I am not saying that I am perfect. .trust me I had an experience just the other day…

Senility shouldn’t always be seen as a negative…why just the other day I started to walk to my bedroom for something and when I got there realized I had forgotten why…but I did notice dust in the corner of the room. I went to get the mop in the laundry room and noticed that my husband had put all his dirty laundry in the basket and it was full so I filled the washer and started a load. Walking back to the bedroom I passed through the bathroom and noticed the sink and mirror was splattered with shave cream and toothpaste so I wiped it down and put out fresh towels.I started back to the bedroom with the mop and my phone rang, it was my Aunt, we chatted for about an hour then she had to eat her lunch and take her medication so we said good-bye. I then started back to the bedroom but upon reaching it realized I forgotten why again,  so I headed for the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, put the kettle on  and as I looked out the window noticed there was no water in the birdbath, so I went outside to fill it and also put seed in the feeders..went back into the house and heard the kettle whistling …ahh finally a well deserved cup of tea..went to sit down and  to my amazement the chair was ice cold…it was then I realized why I originally was going to the bedroom…It was to put on some underwear….however….      there is an upside…..  I accomplished more things that morning than usual…


About kjforce aka Dr.Karma Getzyah

Retired Practitioner presently doing Medical Research on Alternative.. .Holistic... Natural approach/ to a better healthier lifestyle ,,,publishing the findings ... Published Books of Poetry and short stories dealing with the "Quirks" in life...Original Quotes to live by...and get you through anything !!! Living in Florida and being Nann to my awesome Grandchildren. Trying to keep up with new technology and laughing at life.. Published Author/writer of... 2 books.... # 1 " My Life as a WEED " and #2 " Whatever ..I'm Still Here"... available @ Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com both as a hardcover and e-book , also Poetry Coffee Table Book " Stars in our Hearts " available @ amazon.com...memories sold internationally and 15,000 sites world wide.... 5 * rating.. website .kjforce.wordpress.com
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15 Responses to Just one of those days ?

  1. Carra says:

    That sounds perfectly normal to me! Just multi-tasking to get things done! See a need and fill it! Works perfectly well and creates a balanced lifestyle 🙂

  2. And we wonder where our time goes. Your mind and mine would be friends, because this is what I do day in and day out:)

  3. bobbie (Wild Irish Rose) says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this! Sometimes I DON’T do the things I had planned to do because I get sidetracked by other things, other times I do things I HADN’T planned on doing because I get sidetracked…why am I explaining this to you? You and I ovbviously “multi-task” in the same way! And good for you – it’s not senility, it’s ourselves being hard on ourselves because we just “may” be perfectionists!

    • bobbie (Wild Irish Rose) says:

      PS: Love the advice about the mustard. We always have Frenchs in the house, and I frequently get “cooking” burns. I’ll try it next time.

    • kjforce says:

      Thank you for taking the tour of my site..check back periodically for updates..usually done monthly…yes I multi-task..as for perfectionist..I feel if it is worth doing do it ALL the way..besides if I counted on my “better” half to finish what I started, my life would be FULL of HALFS..get it??? gotta laugh crying’s to easy..then I would dehydrate and that’s another subject for a new story…weedbychoice..kjforce

  4. Sil says:

    LOL! …still laughing! That sounds like me and I’m 36! I do have thyroid problems…I blame hormones.
    S.B. Niccum
    Author Website

  5. Mandie says:

    Your day sounds much like mine – minus the underwear 😉 I start something and along the way venture off to other things. Everything gets completed.. eventually.

  6. Jeryl M. says:

    I am always having one of those days. I’m a new follower from the blog hop. My GFC follower name is Jeryl. Visit my older daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom (http://saysmesaysmom.blogspot.com) where we talk about anything and everything.

  7. Lynn says:

    I actually laughed out loud when I read about the reason for the cold chair.
    I, too, have days that consist of excessive multi-tasking – sometimes it works in my favour, other times not so much. 🙂

    • kjforce says:

      Lynn…Thank you for visiting my website and making comment..hopefully you enjoyed the other articles. Have you checked out the excerpts from my latest published book from, as I call them my ” bathroombreak series “..I don’t write novels and ALL my writings are based on what life hands me on a daily basis. here is the link to the excerpts..and they’re FREE….enjoy

  8. That gave me a belly laugh… I can identify with every thing that you wrote about…

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