Education..any progress ?

It’s thirty years later and were are no further ahead regarding education,oh excuse me I forgot, Now we can’t do the pledge of allegiance and say “God” and heaven forbid we use the term “christmas” and heaven forbid we violate some childs’ right to wear, to say etc…when we went to school and a teacher reprimanded knew when you got home you were in for we just text parents and our attorney shows up.Now you have an option to take gym…but obesity is the what’s wrong with 30 minutes of sweating(if you can even break one in that time)..No I wouldn’t want the job of being a teacher, although let’s jump on the band wagon and punish teachers because of bad parenting, when our children don’t do well on FCAT….

just a thought, what do you out there think..I want to hear from parents,teachers..past and present…2


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4 Responses to Education..any progress ?

  1. I totally agree with you. I went to a very small school in Oklahoma when I was young. We pledged allegiance to the great flag of our United States every day and we trusted in God openly. Those were the good old days. Let’s bring it back. I won’t give up God and my love for Him. And, I consider Jesus Christ to be my best friend in life.
    Blessings to all.
    Jeannie Walker

  2. Meena says:

    Even my school days were a lot like Jeanie’s. Marching to the school band, singing patriotic songs, reading from the newspaper, wishing birthdays. All this before the school session begins! My school friends are more in my memory than my current friends. Its like everything has changed. For the worse! Materialism has set in, in every aspect of our life. Morality is measured in terms of materialism!

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity which is due to the insight you have shared!

  3. As a teacher in Vegas, I just discovered that I’m taking anywhere between a 5-15% pay cut next year. The sad thing is, I love my job. I just don’t know if I can afford to keep doing it.

  4. bobbie (Wild Irish Rose) says:

    I think that if things went back to the way they were “in the day” as the kids say, life would be easier, communication between parent & child would be better, people would respect each other more, and there would be less clamoring for material goods, as Meena said. Woe to modern times, I miss the way my (I’m 56) school days were. We all knew what was expected of us, and with few exceptions we did those things.

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