It could be worse..????

We all wonder sometimes could it get any worse ? We are in a relationship where we ask ourselves am I doing it wrong ? What’s am I missing? Our significant other appears to have changed overnight, who is this stranger I am sleeping with ? Stop blaming yourself you haven’t done anything wrong..

Welcome to RETIREMENT!!!!1

When my husband first retired all he talked about was planting a vegetable garden, so he set out to buy seeds, starter pots ,tools

and all the supplies he would need. That took about 3 days of shopping at the local Lowes ,measured off the area and rototilled that took a week. Finally planted the seeds and set up a watering system(you turn the sprinkler on).The next project was to put bird feeders throughout the yard, so off to Lowes again, oh and twenty pounds of birdseed .Mulch the driveway was next, then place fencing around the well pump( we live in the country)

All THIS ACCOMPLISHED IN 1 MONTH. ….that was last year..

we never got any vegetables ,he forgot to sprinkle everyday(due to resting the eyes)2 birdfeeders made it out of the barn, the others are in various stages of completion, oh and the squirrels found the seed in the barn and took up residency for the winter.

The mulch did make a great jumping hill for the grandchildren and the fencing around the well. .well it’s still next to the well.

These days hubby spends sitting outside, walking to the end of the driveway and getting the paper ,eating and taking naps, kidda like the dog, he’s retired too


About kjforce aka Dr.Karma Getzyah

Retired Practitioner presently doing Medical Research on Alternative.. .Holistic... Natural approach/ to a better healthier lifestyle ,,,publishing the findings ... Published Books of Poetry and short stories dealing with the "Quirks" in life...Original Quotes to live by...and get you through anything !!! Living in Florida and being Nann to my awesome Grandchildren. Trying to keep up with new technology and laughing at life.. Published Author/writer of... 2 books.... # 1 " My Life as a WEED " and #2 " Whatever ..I'm Still Here"... available @ Barnes and Noble, both as a hardcover and e-book , also Poetry Coffee Table Book " Stars in our Hearts " available @ sold internationally and 15,000 sites world wide.... 5 * rating.. website
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5 Responses to It could be worse..????

  1. Barbara says:

    You have just described my retired ‘other half’ he was going to ‘sort out’ the ants so bought ant powder and forgets where he put it, a sanders to sand down the arms of the garden chairs – and forget where he put it, and is always going to do something after he has just shut his eyes for 10 mins! Your post made me laugh out loud – thank you.

  2. bobbie (Wild Irish Rose) says:

    Not retirement, but my hubby was laid off from the company he worked for since graduating high school (36 yrs.) for almost 2 yrs. Holy cow, the projects that were going to get done (that somehow didn’t. Lots of naps, computer games (and they say YOUNG people are susceptible to computers), just hanging around (he did help me with the grocery shopping, tho). He just got work about a week ago ( doing practically what he did in high school, stocking shelves, bagging at a grocery store for minimum wage, but,hey, any job is better than no job, with so many people in financial trouble these days). Already things are looking up. The “he’s always around doing nothing’ friction is gone and projects that don’t get done, at least there’s a reason, and at least I can do them at my own pace without “instruction” now! (Forgive the typing, got a cast on my arm – broken wrist :-/ ).

    • kjforce says:

      Sorry to hear about your misfortune with breaking your wrist….skiing accident? Mountain climbing? making rude gestures in traffic? sorry don’t mean to be flippant… I have several friends going through the same troubled times, ( as for my husband and I both our daughters have just divorced . and that’s a whole new book) and we are having to financially help them..’s not easy but just keep talking to your Guardian Angel..they will hold us up in troubling me..I can say one thing for our generation we have ” CHUTZPAH”….” Seniors rule…”..weedbychoice

  3. Lisa says:

    Yeah “it” could be worse and so could you and your memory. Cheers!

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